Episode 4: Proofs and Fallacies

Episode 4: Proofs and Fallacies

On Tuesday 25th February at 7.30 pm, Tree House Bookshop

See the paragraph about this episode on the Blog page. There may be more than one!

As a short introduction to the session there is a 2 page poster linked here which has three suggestions of interesting (I hope) things to do before the session. Please download and have a go! This poster is an extended version of the one page poster advertisement in the Tree House window.

As with all our sessions the topic is huge and we can only dip into some examples of the special place of proofs in mathematics itself, and in maths history and education.

The slides used are here in a pdf version (about 22 ‘pages’): ProofsAndFallacies.pdf . Various additional material was given or performed in the session as described in green on these slides.

The short class discussion about a ‘proof’ of the V – E + F = 2 result for polyhedra is taken from a book ‘Proofs and Refutations’, Imre Lakatos (1976). It is only an initial extract – the entire book is in the form of this discussion. A few pages are here.

The ‘flashback’ to 50 years ago is here, a dialogue between maths teachers.