Episode 2: Numbers

Episode 2: Numbers: the Shock of the Irrational

Tuesday 26th November at 7.30pm

This is the second in a series of short talks at the Tree House Bookshop presented by Steve Russ and Leon John. Come early to be sure of a seat! Numbers are everywhere, but where are they? And what kinds are there? This will be a short tour of the number ‘zoo’ –  with a focus on the irrationals – mainly things they do not tell you at school, why? – they are just so very remarkable … 

Video of the talk (32 mins) [Using Chrome it should start streaming immediately]

Alternative YouTube version of the video     [e.g. if you use Internet Explorer as browser]     

(For filming and editing of the video I am grateful to the excellent services of Paul and Michael Duffy of Moduwise Ltd of Kenilworth.)