Join us in a series of six ‘episodes’ on themes drawn from mathematics. Each episode will consist of a talk (20 minutes or so) leading into discussion. Any amount of prior knowledge (including none) is welcome; some interest, curiosity or feeling about mathematics is recommended. The sessions are suitable for anyone interested and are free of charge. Youngsters are very welcome – but best to have at least started at secondary school. The purpose of each episode is to promote a positive perspective on mathematics and its history. We shall do this by introducing a small ‘nugget’ of mathematics, explaining the ideas behind it, some historical context, and some suggestions for further investigation. These begin in October 2019.

The next meeting in the series Short stories from Mathematics will be on Tuesday 25th Febuary 2020.   

Links to the separate episodes appear on the main menu for Kenilworth Mathematics as they become ready.

As stated in the first advertising poster (see Episode 1) I plan six episodes which will each have pages linked from here as they become available. The talks are usually on the last Tuesday of a month at 7.30pm at the Tree House Bookshop.

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